cold calls

Please send me a brief email telling me exactly what you want. Ideally that's about two paragraphs, and plain text vs. "rich" email with your logo etc.

  1. Job hunting. If you are looking for a job, please send me your resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

  2. Fundraising. If you are looking for money for your non-profit, just tell me that, and include a link to your website. (Note though that almost all my efforts are focused on Summits.) I can not promise a reply, as I get tons of email solicitations.

  3. Email hunting. Please do not do email address hunting by sending email to all forms of my address you can guess ([email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected] etc).

  4. Shotgun. Please do not contact more than one person at my company at the same time.

  5. Name dropping. If you got to me through one of my board members etc, have that person ask me to contact you.

  6. Competitors. Do not mention that you are also talking with my competitors. I don't care.

  7. Events. Do not offer to take me to some sporting event. If we are not yet business partners, I don't want to waste my time or your time "hanging out".

Sorry if this is harsh.

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