Selected Press Interviews

NPR: How I Built This, with Guy Raz (comments from LinkedIn)

Book: Truck Full of Money by Tracy Kidder: Amazon, Here & Now, Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronical.

Boston Venture Studio: BBJ, The Boston Globe.

Non-profit: New England Living

King Boston: NBC Boston, Boston Globe (6/11/2020, 9/19/2017), WBUR, more.

Tech: Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times (new ideas), Inc Magazine (Kayak, mentoring, Uber, travel, politics), Tnooz (leaving Kayak), Fast Company (5 word reviews), Bloomberg (elephant room), Boston Globe (Kayak IPO), UMASS Boston.

Podcasts: How I Built This, Masters of Scale, search.

Print: People (gethuman).

Video: Inc, Chronicle, WCVB (Lola), CNBC

Here are some photos and bio.

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