contact books

I'd like my contact book to have these features:

  1. Automatic scheduled synch with all my PCs, my blackberry (wirelessly), my Yahoo account, and any FTP servers I specify.
  2. Structured full-text index. It is amazing that this is still not part of Windows. cf x1.
  3. 1click History of all emails sent to/from the current contact, directly invocable from an email from someone, or from their contact record.
  4. 1click Contact from entry to intiate email to that person, or to open IM to them if they are online.
  5. 1click Map from entry, with driving directions. It should remember my favorite mapping service.
  6. Knock-Knock IM search allows me to enter "Joe Mahoney" and have it automatically instantly search all my contacts contact books (via a silent IM) asking if they know a Joe Mahoney. When it finds a match, it then does a visible IM to that person saying
    "Paul English is looking for Joe Mahoney, should I give him this record..." with buttons "[Yes] [No]" and options
    [ ] always do this when Paul English searches
    [ ] always do this when anyone searches for Joe Mahoney

Contact Management Software

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