Playable Album Art

Here is info on how you can make beautiful album covers to print on your wall, along with an embedded Spotify code, so that visitors to your home can simply open Spotify, aim at the Spotify code, and start playing that album. If you have a bluetooth receiver or Sonos home setup, you could setup your guests to play directly to your speakers.

  1. Download Spotify on your computer.
  2. Use Spotify Codes to generate codes if you paste in the Spotify URI which you can get from the Share menu in the Spotify app.
  3. Find album art such as here.
  4. Use an image editor to embed the spotify code into the bottom right of your album art, print, hang on wall.
  5. Open Spotify search on your phone, click on the camera icon, point it at the desired album cover. Voila!

Here are a couple album covers that I did. You can try these by opening Spotify on your phone, clicking Search, then camera icon, then aim at one of these Spotify codes in the bottom right of one of these album covers. - articles - startups - nonprofits - press 16-Oct-2020