Domain Names

I am obsessed with brand, and domain names are step one for me.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I have more ideas than I have time for, and for each new idea, the idea is not real until I first own a great domain name for it. Right now, I own almost 300 domain names, and with each one, there is an idea for a new company or project.

Here are my criteria for a great domain name:

  • Easy to remember after hearing it said once.
  • Easy to spell after hearing it said once, even if you hear it over a bad phone line.
  • In general, I strongly prefer a .com name whenever possible.
  • One word .com domain names can often cost $100K or more, so those are generally unattainable unless you raise VC for your idea.
  • I don't love misspellings, but I guess if someone sees it once and can remember it and the spelling, it can sometimes work. E.g., or something like that.
  • Two word .com names are findable with enough time and effort looking for 100s of possibilities for your idea.
  • The greater your budget, the better name you will find. I had to pay $10k for (stay tuned for that product).

Good luck! - articles - startups - nonprofits - press 19-Mar-2022