Here are some important people to me that have died:

  • My father, Edward T. English. To honor him and my Mom, I host a weekly dinner with my siblings every Tuesday, and we often talk about our parents there, and what we learned from them.
  • My nonprofit mentor, Thomas J. White
  • My former therapist, Dr. Jack Green

Other friends that I have lost recently:

  • Leila Janah, my friend and mentor
  • Professor Robert A. Morris, my mentor at UMASS Boston
  • Nicholas Lambrou, my next door neighbor, and my "2nd father"
  • Brendan Burke, my godfather and humorist
  • Ted Young, my uncle, an Admiral in the US navy
  • Randal Levenson, my artist/inventor friend and mentor from Miami
  • Jake Millar, podcast entrepreneur and bipolar buddy
  • Paul Farmer, cofounder of PIH in Boston and Haiti
  • Ed Takacs, the greatest headhunter and party thrower
  • Tenzin Samdo, the first "bar artist" I ever met, his bar was magical - articles - startups - nonprofits - press 23-Mar-2023