Donald Trump is the most immoral, corrupt and incompetent President of my lifetime.

  1. Concentration camps on our southern border, separating kids from their parents, with horrific living conditions, kids dying while in care, and many reports of abuse.
  2. "Grab them by the pussy" tape, and dozens of claims of sexual assaults.
  3. Constant lies, even on things as simple as Merry Christmas. (He is obsessed with Obama.)
  4. Climate change denier. Pulling out of the Paris Agreement.
  5. Science silencer.
  6. Pardoning horrific war criminals, even in cases where an entire SEAL team testified against the criminal.
  7. Massive tax breaks for the rich, which did not help the economy or the middle class: Robert Reich.
  8. Guns: parrots the fictional NRA narrative that our gun deaths are due to mental health. Why are their so few gun deaths in all other rich western countries? Do you think they don't have mental health issues? The GOP won't even let the CDC study gun death.
  9. Racism:
    • NY Times, including quote: "laziness is a trait in blacks".
    • Central Park Five call for death penalty.
    • Muslim ban.
    • Shithole countries.
    • Being a driver behind the "birther" movement.
    • Quote: "The removal of our beautiful statues and monuments."
  10. Bullying, with constant name calling of anyone who is opposed to him, and even mocking a 16 year old autistic girl, and a disabled reporter.
  11. Impeached for two offenses.
  12. Gross incompetence, for example, watch this windmill video.
  13. Abandoning our NATO allies (where he has become the laughing stock) and instead cozying himself up to dictators.
  14. Constant violator of the emoluments clause.
  15. Hiring an incompetent cabinet.
  16. Swampy associates, at least six of which have been convicted so far.
  17. False claims of voter fraud and illegitimate election results, leading to the January 6th insurrection. - articles - startups - nonprofits - press 25-Feb-2022