Saturday, January 31

Evolution furor heats up in Georgia, where Jimmy Carter speaks out against public school educators trying to remove references to evolution from school text books. Unbelievable.
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Saturday, January 24

ThinkGeek :: Cigarette Lighter Mod is about the funniest PC customization I've ever seen; I might just start smoking so I can use this, and to annoy the anti-smoking crusaders (btw why do humans get so much fun persecuting each other?)

Of course the fish tank PC is pretty cool too. Thanks to billo for telling me about ThinkGeek; I just wasted an hour (and $100 on something you have to guess, or visit me soon to see) surfing this site.

ps, I know that email has a bug and sends you my newest post and my penultimate post. At some point real-soon-now I'm going to do real RSS feeds (blogger still does not do this itself hard as that is to believe) and switch over to using my own SimpleList spam-free mail notifier.

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Hearmuff and SonicDome are cool; I also want someone to invent a HatMet which is a winter hat with some simple helmet padding. For times you can't convince users to wear a helmet, at least they should be wearing a hatmet.
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Sunday, January 4

Mirra Personal Server looks like the best deal right now for home backup in terms of simplicity and price. 120gb linux box preconfigured with custom software for only $499, including remote access. (Link from Brian.)
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Friday, January 2

Gift of your car may not go far to help charity; I've suspected this for a while. Each time I've heard the aggressive advertising for these programs, I've thought there was more than goodwill behind it. I also wonder if the media is guilty of accepting these ads without ever questioning them.
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