Thursday, December 30 Disaster Relief is excellent. While some sites (such as Google) have prominent "Tsunami Relief" links from their home pages, those are often just links to pages with more info. On the other hand, Amazon's front page currently links to a "call to action" page which let's you donate with "one click". I like that Amazon has chosen the charity to administer the funds it raised; it makes less work for the donors...
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Tuesday, December 28

Trillian just published version 3.0 of its instant messenger; it is phenomenal and does not have the annoying advertisements that exist in some other instant messengers, yet it still interoperates with all of the popular IM networks.
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Saturday, December 18 was created by Netscape years ago as they were getting killed by Microsoft, as a latch ditch effort when Netscape decided to publish its technology as open source. I thought it was a pathetic attempt at the time, but now years later, finally two good products emerge-- Mozilla Firefox is in many ways a much better (and safer!) browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Thunderbird is certainly a much better and faster email client than Microsoft Outlook in most ways.
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Friday, December 17

HeyPix! is cool new Windows software for photo sharing, created by a couple cool Boston area entrepreneurs. Check it out.
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Thursday, December 16

I'm sincerely sorry you did something stupid and landed on your roof. There.
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Friday, December 10

David Brudnoy dies. I am deeply saddened by this news. David was a unique intellectual and gentleman in broadcasting, and I have been listening to his radio talk shows for over 20 years. My first interaction with David was when I was in high school and I called in to his show to challenge to a guest who was a memory expert. I've since called into his show a couple times a year, and was an in-studio guest at his Back Bay apartment last year (topic was "spam" junk email legislation and technology). David's producer served mixed drinks (I had two gin and tonics) and I met Fareed Zakaria who was the next guest on the show. Over the years David had influenced me with his anti-PC libertarianism, his knowledge and passion for history, his eloquence, and also his quest for learning and teaching and interacting with every caller and guest. Boston has changed with the passing of Dr. Brudnoy; may he rest in peace.
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