Sunday, January 21

Google is playing with GapMinder; check this out, be sure to click on both the x and y axis to change settings. Way cool.
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Thursday, January 18

Myths about the Developing World is a Hans Rosling statistics presentation of the developing world over the past few decades.

Mr. Rosling's use of animated graphics to bring data alive is perhaps the best presentation of statistical data I have ever seen. See his site for more info.

(From the TED conference of February 2006).
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Thursday, January 11

Zoomable Boston Photo from xRez; this is insane. (Link from Mark D.)
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Tuesday, January 2

I am in awe of Skype. It is clear that eBay is letting these guys continue to push hard. The most recent disruptive pricing is an offer for $14.95 for one year of free calling to anywhere in the US or Canada. Holy crap, the telcos are definitely in trouble. Even though companies like Vonage got voice over internet protocols (VOIP) going, the aggressive pro-consumer model of Skype is what will win out.

If you are one of the thirteen people who do not use Skype yet-- it allows free calls from a headset connected to your PC to any other PC. And the shocking thing here is that the voice quality is dramatically better than using a regular land line or cell network! If you are calling to someone who does not use Skype, you can pay per call (incredibly cheap) or using the new unlimited pricing as above. International calls are also dramatically cheaper than standard telco rates.

I even like the terms and conditions of the new Skype offer. It looks like Skype is still run by humans, not yet taken over by lawyers. (FWIW, we have humans writing the policies too.)
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