Friday, April 30

Hire Michael. My friend Chuanquan is completing his master's degree in computer science from UMASS Boston in May 2004 and looking for a job. He's great. Hire him. Meanwhile, why hasn't any blog/rss/social networking developer tried to compete with monster/hotjobs by letting people (like me) with websites have a "resumeroll" which is like a blogroll, but is instead an XML file listing pointers to resumes of my acquaintances who are interesting in hearing about new opportunities. No, I am *not* talking about a centralized system-- I'm talking precisely about an open system that will let people like me create searchable links to resumes I recommend. This should be done in such a way as to prevent spam and to allow addition of resumes and resume search and post requests via single click. There is an idea here for a new company. Really.
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Monday, April 26

First ride. Last night I took the longest bike ride of my life, a measely 18 miles with my crazy brother-in-law Ray. This was my first ride of the year, and the first ride of a three month training program for the 152 miles I'm doing with some colleagues for the panmass ride to fight cancer. I feel pretty good today, except for some pain in a couple bones when I sit...
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Monday, April 5 now has RSS feeds so you can syndicate its content on your website or blog. It is about time.
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Looking for SEO Consultant. Can you help me find the #1 search engine optimization (SEO) consultant in the Boston area? I want someone who is a genius and who has been full-time focused on SEO for a few years. Thanks. :)
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Saturday, April 3

Good pain. I replied with "good pain" when my friend Walter asked about my workout today. He then said...

Your remark reminded me of something I heard from a nutrition specialist on the radio the other day. She said Americans are afraid to ever be hungry and immediately try to solve the problem by eating. Hunger should be thought of as a normal part of a healthy day. It resonated, because I've always looked at it that way. I think of hunger as the way I get to my ideal weight every day. Just like you are thinking: "I'm tired (or have good pain), I'm getting stronger"--- I think: "I'm hungry, I'm staying fit".

Obviously there's a downside to this sort of thinking if you can't keep it under control with all the eating disorders people can have. There are also people who exercise themselves into oblivion, both physically and socially. But for most of us this kind of thinking/insight is often a revelation, particularly in this culture...

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Friday, April 2

Searchlets is an open source Google search publisher written by some graduate CS students at UMASS Boston. Searchlets allows you to specify a search pattern interesting to you, and then have the searchlets service run this search on a daily basis and FTPing the output to your web server, so you can always have an up-to-date but static page of desired search results. This can be used in a variety of ways to add richer content to your websites. The application is still in development, but try it out and send them feedback and suggestions.
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