Sunday, February 25

Check out my Shelfari, a virtual copy of one of my bookshelves! (And here are my suggestions.)
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Wednesday, February 21

TerraPass lets you make a guilt payment for having a large carbon footprint, kind of a hypocrisy badge for liberals who want to drive SUVs. But this for-profit company does use proceeds to fund alternative energy research, and it seems like a fun idea, so I admit to just buying a TerraPass for my Subaru. (Shh, don't tell anyone about the sports cars.)
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Monday, February 19 is yet another website where folks/nonprofits publish their needs, and kind donors help them out (sometimes anonymously). This one is for teachers who need things for their classrooms, and it has been very successful. See also this article from Slate. (Thanks to Mark D for the link.)
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Friday, February 16

The nobility of the poor. I've often read accounts by Westerners describing the happiness of the poor. As in "[aren't these little poor people so special-- they don't need anything but the ragged shirt on their back but they are so happy]".

Before you toss out your empathy for the poor, check out the first World Map of Happiness (and ScienceDaily writeup).
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Wednesday, February 14

Google Gmail is my mail program of choice, yet it has started mistakenly marking about 2-3 legitimate emails a day as spam. :( This means I now have to plow through hundreds of spam messages each day looking for one that might be real, and that I also have started to miss some legitimate emails, which sucks. I've updated my gmail information page with some new suggestions for how Google can improve this application.
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Tuesday, February 6

My Punch Bowl is the next great party site. I told Matt I'd show him some blog love, so please stop by and say hello to him and his 600 person team. (Ok, maybe there aren't 600 of them, but they do code like demons.)
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