Thursday, May 31

Who is the greatest programmer of all time?

It must be that clever seo hacker, the infamous billo.
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Tuesday, May 22

I ran out of Google Gmail space today. When trying to send an email, I got the warning :

    "Could not send message because you have exceeded your storage amount"!

    You are currently using 2845 MB (99%) of your 2855 MB.

It took my only about 15 minutes to trim my inbox down to 70% full, by searching for and deleted lots of automated messages I've received.

Any other ideas for how to do this? I don't like deleting in general, it is one of the main reasons I use gmail in the first place, being able to instantly find any old message, and not having to think about filing/labels/deleting while I'm going through email.

See also my gmail page.
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Sunday, May 20

Fotokey Librarian is a specification for a photo tagging application I would like to use for collections of tens of thousands of photos. If you know any possible solutions, please let me know.
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Friday, May 18

Executive efficiency - all I've learned managing multiple projects, getting hundreds of emails per day yet with an inbox of average size of ten messages.
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Saturday, May 5

PC Decrapifier looks awesome. I've been wanting a tool like this for years. Damn those PC manufacturers for pre-installing crappy buggy piggy software for years, with a focus only on slot fee to them vs. desire/need/quality for consumers. At a minimum, the PC manufacturers should have allowed users to more easily remove these, and then using a dynamic system based on these removals vs. usage, so crappy software is automatically removed by newer PCs. Thanks to jeff r for the link.
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