Thursday, June 29

Warren Buffett Gives Billions to Gates Foundation was not only the top story of the week, but one of the top stories of the year. The fact that the one of the richest men in the world is giving away about all his money is not itself that impressive. After all, that is what people with money are supposed to do. What is impressive is that someone that driven-- someone that competitive-- is egoless enough to admit that the guy richer than him is better at giving away money. And thus with a stroke of a pen, Warren Buffett hands over thirty one billion dollars to the Gates Foundation. This wonderful act reminds me of the tenant of Jeffrey Sachs' recent book The End of Poverty-- ["we have the moral obligation to end death caused by poverty, for the first time in human history we now have the ability to end it, and within our lifetimes we will end it"].
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Tuesday, June 27

Busy Muscle Play requires your kids to exercise to keep the TV playing. :)
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Sunday, June 25

Cingular Wireless saved my life. Well, not yet, but I recently switched from another provider to it in order to get the awesome blackberry 8700c, but the cingular service is so horrible in Boston that I've stopped using it in my car. Thus, Cingular might end up saving my life. :-|
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Tuesday, June 20

Cold calls. I probably get about five sales people a day calling me at work to sell me something. To make it easier for you to sell stuff to me, I've written up a cold calling guide. Enjoy.
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Sunday, June 18

God bless Ti Jean. I was lucky to meet with this man a few times, in Haiti and Boston. I believe Ti Jean when he said he would have been a "Harvard professor, at least" if he were born in the US. But he was born in poverty in Haiti. Yet few people get the chance to change as many lives as did Ti Jean.
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Wednesday, June 14

Information Week did a profile on me. It has some misquotes, but that's ok. :)
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Friday, June 9

FolderShare is a peer-to-peer application to sync selected folders across your PCs. Download this small application onto your PC to get started. This free service was acquired by Microsoft a while ago, although I'm not sure why they don't promote it or bundle it into Windows, as it seems very useful.
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Monday, June 5

Social security numbers and mobile phone companies. I switched my wireless provider from Verizon to Cingular, so I could get a GSM Blackberry which would work in Europe. In the Cingular store, the guy asked for my social security number so they could do a credit check on me. This always makes me crazy. How many people have my social security number? ... So now I'm in London, and my new Blackberry does not work. I call Cingular, and they ask me a series of questions. The first question was "what is the last four digits of your social security number" followed by about six other questions. Finally, they ask "what are the first five digits of your social security number"? Are you kidding me?
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