Saturday, November 27

Linksys coverage. I have updated my instructions for using two linksys wireless routers to get increased coverage range in your house.
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Saturday, November 13

Boston CTO is a new organization I am setting up to allow Boston area CTOs to network on company/technology/recruiting/venture stuff as well as networking on charitable activities.
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Saturday, November 6

The Junk Butler is a new service created by a couple friends of mine to get rid of paper junk mail sent to your house. Signup, and they send you a large yellow envelope you can keep on your front hall table (or wherever you process your mail). When you get junk mail (credit card offers etc), just drop it right into the yellow envelope. When you get large junk mail (catalogs etc), just rip off the cover page (the one with your address) and drop that into the envelope. Once you have collected a bunch of junk, drop the yellow envelope into the mail (prepaid back to the butler) and she will then send postcards to all the companies who actually send you junk mail, asking them to remove you from their list. The butler also sends you an email confirming the list of companies to which she sent postcards. Please try it out and let me know what you think.
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