Saturday, August 25

Ethan Bortnick is amazing.
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Monday, August 20

godaddy slime? I admit to using godaddy to manage my domain names, not because of their low price, but because they had domain management tools before the other top registrants. However, I've always found godaddy to be offensive. Not in their stupid sexy commercials (founder trying to be sexy), nor in the stupid founder blog and politics, but instead in the sleazy upsells and their bloated website.

This morning I found a domain name I would like to purchase. Just for kicks, I clicked through their stupid upsell link to let them buy the domain name for me.

The first thing I notice is they get paid 10% of purchase price. And, that they set the purchase price. Do you think they might be motivated to make sure I purchase domains for a high price?
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Sunday, August 19

Miners Trapped is one of the hot stories of the last few weeks. But where are the obvious questions?

I don't know the answers, but why is the media not focusing on these questions?
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Thursday, August 16

Damn Spam. I'd like a Greasemonkey "Damn" button in Gmail which would:

a) use the unsubscribe facility in the spam *if* it is a known, valid unsubscribe service. (E.g., if there is a link to the legit ConstantContact Safe Unsubscribe.

b) show often often I have receieved emails from this sender and also with this subject. (If often, let me carefully one-click blacklist on sender or subject.)

c) mark it is spam in Gmail (thus hide from inbox)

d) optional: scan email for list of email addresses from the sender (in header and body) and save these somewhere in case it appears like they also might want to join some spam lists
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Tuesday, August 14

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Tuesday, August 7

reddit makes craigslist look pretty, but I'm starting to like it. Unlike digg, reddit claims to do implicit personalization, so over time, it shows you articles of interest to you. (Digg-- I'll be back, but I'm going to spend some more time with reddit for a couple weeks...)
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