Tuesday, October 31

AOL Instant Messenger has a pretty lame "trojan" info page. Btw, if you use AIM, I recommend you use instead AIM Hack application (version 4.15, not 5.x) if you want to get rid of all the spyware etc from AIM itself. (See also my Windows page for other advice about setting up your Windows PC.)
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Saturday, October 28

This car would be nice to have in Boston today. (Thanks for Mark for link.)
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Monday, October 23

digg has animated ads and is perhaps thus on its way down. I can't believe they resorted to animated ads, when the most profitable and powerful Internet company, Google, has proven that you can make a ton of money with text-only ads which are mostly on the right rail. If digg continues to use animated ads, I will abandon using them. :( If you want to complain to digg, maybe you can file a digg bug report to tell them what you think about animated ads.
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Wednesday, October 18

gethuman standard was released today; this is a new specification for how big companies should deploy customer service phone systems.
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Friday, October 6

WHO Election Fraud? At a time of unprecedented interest in charitable giving and world health, it looks like the top job at the World Health Organization may be chosen based on bribes with a process of secret ballots. :(
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Thursday, October 5

Forbes spam. I just got spam from Forbes, and at the end of the email, they say "To manage your preferences or change your delivery address, please click here."

First, a minor point-- unsubscribe links should be much more visible then sneaking in a "click here" link at the end of a line. Instead, the link itself should be unsubscribe from forbes email, as it is easier and quicker for a reader to scan read the links vs. making them read all of the text.

Second, and the really offensive thing, is that when I clicked the link, I was brought to a Forbes page which was actually titled "Become a member!".

Hello? I just clicked your obscure link to UNSUBSCRIBE, and you send me to a page titled "Become a member!"?

Then when I go to that page, there is no simple unsubscribe link, but I must instead either login (of course I don't have a login) or create an account.

These guys are idiots.
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Sunday, October 1

Ultrasonic Ringtones allow kids to have ringtones which adults can not hear. How high can you hear? I can only detect 8-12kHZ. :( See also the Mosquito teenager repeller. (Links from kristin h.)
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