Monday, August 28

popurls is a simple page listing new entries from and other popularity-based consumer content sites. cool. (link from jrago.)
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Sunday, August 20

digg is my new favorite website; I've recently been spending about 20 minutes each morning digging for new stuff. This site is the best example threat to the demise of newspaper sites. (For example, I'll never go back to, as its editorial value does not justify the annoying animated advertising banners.) I like digg so much, that I just reorganized my home page. Quick blog notes such as this will continue to appear in the main/center column; links to more permanent articles on my site stay in the left column; and I now use the right column to automatically list any article I've "dugg" in digg. Does that make sense?
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Wednesday, August 16

Alpha bravo charlie delta echo foxtrot. Who made up these words, the ones that customer service teams use when they read back godawful long transaction codes which include letters, to distinct saying "b" vs "d" etc. It would be funny for some customer service company to use a much more clever set which would work just as well, but which would also communicate their sense of humor. :)
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workFRIENDLY is a pretty funny way to surf the web at work when you want to instead pretend you are reading some important Microsoft Word document. Haha. Are there really any workplaces so pathetic that people actually use this?
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Tuesday, August 8

Yesterday I gave the keynote presentation to about a thousand phone and speech technology industry folks at SpeechTEK in NYC. It was fun; most of these folks have hated me for the past year for my gethuman "rage against the machine" project, but my talk was well received.

I recently wrote up a new proposal for how phone systems should work, and am designing a new gethuman "earcon"-- an auditory signal-- a brief set of tones that companies can play at the start of their phone system to alert callers that the phone system is gethuman compliant. Microsoft and Nuance (a leading voice technology company) have both backed the new gethuman standard and each issues press releases about this today.

I gave the Wall Street Journal an exclusive. See also Microsoft's press release.

For more info, check out the updated website.
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Thursday, August 3

We released Kayak Mobile today, to help you find the next available flight or hotel, or to find a place to eat. Please try it out and send us feedback. There is also a Blackberry install which simply places a KayakMobile icon on your Blackberry, which then launches your browser to
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Mike's first stop-motion video
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