Tuesday, March 22

LinkSys has the best support of any technology company I have ever used. First, they have great software which you can easily use yourself to automatically program your router and network. Second, when you call them, they answer the phone quickly. Third, their support appears to be free even long after you have purchased their products. Fourth, their routers have remote management capability, so the support rep can debug and fix your router quickly. Fifth, their support reps are incredibly polite and efficient. I will never buy anything other than Linksys. This is a very different experience you get when compared to Dell, for example. Although I purchased next day onsite support from Dell, they first made me spend several hours trying to debug the problem over the phone with their support team, before they agreed with my analysis and agreed to send out a technician to replace a bad hard drive.
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Sunday, March 20

Mozilla Firefox Rules: I love this free open source browser. I highly recommend you use this instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Not only is Firefox much safer against viruses and spyware, it also has a set of very cool extensions, such as bookmark sync, weather bar, bandwidth checker, html validate, and hundreds more.
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Wednesday, March 16

Sky is falling security crap. Is it just me, or does it seem like people are increasingly enjoying spreading all types of security fears even when irrational? Including trying to write sensational articles blaming some high profile company for security or privacy violations even when that company is not actually to blame. For example, this article claims a major security flaw in Google Desktop, that it allows you to see stuff on other PCs on your network. Duh, the "flaw" has nothing to do with Google Desktop. In fact, any software can access stuff on other PCs on your network if the users of those PCs have configured them to explicitly allow other PCs on their network to access their files. Uggh.
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