Thursday, November 23

Pure Digital video cameras fit in your pocket, have only four buttons, have built-in USB port, and cost $119 (500mb for up to 30 minutes) or $169 (1gb for up to 60 minutes).

Here is my first video, shot in Harvard Square.
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Wednesday, November 22

I went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC this past weekend. The rise of Hitler was scary, and I can imagine this happening again, especially given recent crackdowns on liberties. (I find it offensive that US politicians used the phrase "patriot act" to talk about giving the President more power to control its citizens.)

At the end of the Holocaust Museum tour, there was information about the genocide taking place right now in Darfur.

How serious were we when we said "never again"?

Would American WWII vets who served in Germany allow this to happen again?
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Wednesday, November 15

Global Health Delivery. To all my regular blog readers (hi mom), I'm helping Harvard launch a new school to work on "global health delivery", working with the medical school (my friends Jim Kim and Paul Farmer) and the business school (Michael Porter) and others.

The new school will grant master's and PhD degrees in a new field of "global health delivery", to help share and benchmark best delivery processes, measuring success not on percent of money spent on patient care, but instead based on patient results.

Much of our work will be based on the dramatic successes to date of Partners in Health.

I'm helping Harvard raise $500k to get things started; if you have any ideas for to whom I can present to raise $50k or more towards my goal, please contact me. :)
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Tuesday, November 14

Boycott trans-fat is a blog entry by my friend Hugh, inspired by the loss of Gerald Levert.
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Wednesday, November 8

A Close Look at Election Results from NY Times.
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Voter fraud conspiracies. Many people are so terrified of voter fraud that they are just dying to hear more and more outrageous stories, such as homeless people bussed in from out of state to vote for Republican candidates they were told were Democrats. I'm trying to figure out an angle for a new voting fraud conspiracy involving Don Rumsfeld, Britney Spears, and space aliens, and see how many people will believe it and forward it onto their friends.
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Monday, November 6

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is an incredible new initiative from Amazon. It allows developers to rent "unlimited" numbers of Linux servers, dynamically assigned and configured "on the fly" based on load. Link from billo.
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SawStop has the most insane safety device I've ever seen. When I saw their video, I thought it was faked. If this is true, where else can this approach be used?
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Sunday, November 5

Google Mail (cf) has started to offer the option for Excel file attachments to "Open in Google Spreadsheets" using the awesome Google Docs & Spreadsheets tools. I love it.
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