Thursday, September 22

Kayak Travel Blogs is a page listing newest travel blog postings we could find from across the web. This is cool; it was created by my colleague Jim. Please send us email with any suggestions!
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Wednesday, September 21

The Jelly Jar is my friend Kay's new site; she sells homemade jellies and jams. Yum. Welcome to the web Kay! :)
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Sunday, September 18

DVD blanks have competing but closely named formats. DVD-R (and DVD-RW) is a different format than DVD+R (and DVD+RW). My TiVo can only write to the former but I mistakenly purchased the latter at a local Staples outlet. Bummer.
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Saturday, September 17

Million Dollar Home Page is genius. This college kid was sitting around trying to figure out how to make a million bucks, and he came up with this very simple and brilliant idea. I think it is hilarious. I think he will make the million bucks. Can you find the pixels I purchased on his site?
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Monday, September 12

Verified Donor. Why do off-topic companies and website owners put a link on their website asking people to donate to support some relief effort such as hurricane Katrina? Do they think visitors to their website don't know about the tragedy? Or are they trying to show they are empathetic? What percent of companies and website owners with relief banners actually themselves gave to that charity? Maybe someone should create a Verfied Donor button which would show the actual amount that website gave, and visitors could click the button to (a) see the verified amount and (b) donate themselves.
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Saturday, September 10

Boston is the most expensive metropolitan area in the country.
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