Tuesday, April 25

ExplorerDestroyer is an aggressive group of activists who encourage website owners to join Google's program to switch IE users to Firefox. You can read about this at Network World.
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Thursday, April 13

YouTube is addicting. This young company has quickly skyrocketed to the 20th more popular site on the Internet. YouTube allows anyone to upload short videos to then be seen by anyone on the net. A clever navigation system at the top of the home page allows you to see a list of videos by two criteria (a) Most Recent | Most Viewed | Most Discussed | Top Favorites | Top Rated |Recently Featured | Random and then (b) Today | This Week | This Month | All Time. This navigation allows YouTube users to quickly expose many different videos, to feature many different film makers.

My son made a short Octopus Claymation film and I uploaded a short video to tell the story of Kayak.com Flippy UI element.

Which videos are yours? Let me know.
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Sunday, April 2

Spam tagging catches another bad guy. I just got a letter sent to my house from "Empire Who's Who" which says that I was "recently appointed as a biographical candidate to represent [my town] in the Empire Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals, and for inclusion in the upcoming 2006/2007 "Honors Edition" registry (see full letter).

Now this might play to my ego except for the fact that the letter was addressed to my house using a spam tagged address which revealed in this case that the scumbags from "Empire Who's Who" selected me merely because I made the mistake to buy something from "Hello, Direct" who then went on to sell my address.

Damn them both.
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