Thursday, January 26

My company released a new version of our travel search software today. You can now easily email a flight search result to a friend to confirm details before booking. We also have a spiffy new logo. :) Try it out and click on ourfeedback link to let us know what you think.
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Tuesday, January 24

My friend Elena is producing a documentary about how sexual violence contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Wow, heavy stuff. Please check out her website Everyday Thing.
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Saturday, January 21

Search privacy. The Washington Post writes about The Justice Department's request for Google to hand over search data, and Google's refusal to do so. Hooray for Google. There is tons of paranoia about Google but color me an optimist; I just don't believe they could ever afford to risk their brand by being evil. If you think Google should hand over data, maybe you could instead be a good citizen and start using Patriot Search instead of Google. If you are paranoid, you could at least delete your Google cookie every now and then.
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Friday, January 6

Bank insecurity 

Bank of America (High Street, Boston MA) just called to ask for my social security number as they forgot to ask for it when I had been there for a recent transaction. And they expected me to take that call, believe it was them, and tell them my social security number over the phone? I wanted to ask the guy 10 questions to first prove *his* identity, but instead I said I'd call back. Too bad Bank of America makes it about impossible to connect to an actual branch over the phone.

4:52 PM; digg is an awesome marketplace for IT services. If you are a tech support rep, you can specify the types of assignments you want. If you need IT services, you can enter a job spec here. I'm a biased investor and love this company. :)
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Thursday, January 5

Ceiva Internet picture frame is one of the best presents for grandparents; it lets the kids send them photos without the grandparents needing a computer. I like it. But it is amazing how loyal I am to them even though there are so many things I hate about them, including:

Let me know if you have an alternative frame for me to consider; this is for my 93 year old aunt who does not have or want a computer. :) And I'd like to allow her family to continue to send her photos remotely without having to send her a disk to insert into the frame.
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