Tuesday, April 26

sentenced to nine years in jail
- this news made my day. Hooray!
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Tuesday, April 19

My fenwayclub.com website now embeds RSS feeds for Red Sox stories, so each day the site will have new content. I use the rss2html.pl script to grab the rss entries, and then simply include them on my site. Thanks to jon for the tip! Now I want to figure out how to make my fotokey software create rss feeds for photos, so people can automatically embed photos with interesting descriptions or ratings etc.
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Wednesday, April 13

Paul Rademacher: Google Maps meets Craigslist - wow, this is very cool. This is a great example of why all new internet products should be built via web services; it allows programmes such as Paul to come up with crazy new applications that the original application designers might not have even considered.
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Saturday, April 9

Fat Web is my first Firefox Extension. This simple extension allows you to see the number of HTTP requests (files) for a given web page, as well as the total number of bytes downloaded for that page. I have published the source code as well.
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Thursday, April 7

Spyder Ski Jacket -- and I thought I was a nerd gadget freak...
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Monday, April 4

Eudora is back
Oh how I've missed her
Just a bit she has changed
I think I will kiss her

Ok, am I really going to get that excited over some stupid software? Well, email is pretty important to me; I send 60-80 messages a day and receive 200 real ones (not counting spam), so email software is probably the most important software on my computer.

For many years I had my own email reader based on emacs (cf) RMAIL with thousands of lines of emacs lisp code I had written. This was the ultimate in power, but the chording killed my carpals, and at the same time I was designing a new product which benefited from me having to use the same stupid email software that most of the target users had (Outlook Express).

I've flirted on and off with different email clients, including Thunderbird (cool but not ready for prime time), but now I'm back with Eudora. At some point in the next few days I will writeup a longer review.

Meanwhile, I realize now that someone needs to write yet another email client which is like Eudora but which uses Google text-only ads (in the free vs paid mode) instead of the Eudora graphics ads. Anyone?

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