Monday, October 13

Domain names. Ok, I'm obsessed with names, and yes, I own quite a few domain names (over 100). I get each of them with a specific idea of what to do with it. I probably have a few dozen active sites, and the others sit idle waiting to be used by me at a later time. I get inquiries about once a month asking to buy one of my domains. I have never sold a domain for profit to me, since I think the concept is offensive. However, I have come up with a pretty good solution for how to handle the situations where I do agree to give up a name. I ask the buyer to make a donation to a charity that I suggest (and they approve), and then if so, I give them the domain. This way a good charity gets some money, I don't profit, and the person who wants the name gets it. Usually this works really well. This morning a guy called me about one of my domain names; we quickly agreed on $1,000, he made the payment online to Partners in Health, and I then approved the domain name transfer. All within a few hours of first contact, with no paperwork or lawyers! On the other hand, I've also seen these transfers literally take months when we had to get lawyers involved. Uggh. In one case we used; in another, we setup a good IP attorney as escrow.
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