Saturday, November 8

Screwed again by a biller, in this case Verizon Wireless, again. They assessed me a $25 penalty for an expired credit card and reported me to the credit agencies, even though I called them a month ago to ask them to send me forms to change the account name/billing to my wife's name. They had never sent me the forms. But since I log my biller calls and letters in QuickBase, I was able to tell them info about the prior call, including the date and time and rep name. Given this info, they did just agree to rebate the $25 penalty but said they would not contact the credit agencies to make the correction there. This pisses me off. If I had more time to spend on the issue, I'm sure I could get this fixed. But who has time? I'm not working a regular job right now, and I continue to be amazed by how much time is taken up with biller mistakes like this. How do people who work 40-60 hours a week find the time to handle all their biller mistake correspondence? I don't think VerizonWireless or other carriers are inherently evil. I realize they serve a customer base who often does not pay their bills etc, and as a result, they have had to put pretty aggressive policies like this in place. But when they make mistakes, as they just agreed happened with me, they don't have policies to correct them. Sigh...
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