Sunday, November 13

Why are health club memberships so sleazy? My experience at Gold's Gym in Arlington MA this week:

Paul: what are your rates? I didn't see them on your website or at your front desk.

Trainer: you need to speak with a manager...

Manager: here are the rates right now, we are running a special, and these rates are only available if you signup right now.

Paul: can I take a copy of the membership agreement home?

Manager: no, we don't have extra copies.

Paul: can't you just xerox the one in your hand?

Manager: no, but you can read it right now.

Paul: (reads document, asks about a couple sleazy clauses)

Manager: well we can remove those.

Paul: what is your cancellation policy?

Manager: you can cancel at any time by sending us a letter using our form.

Paul: can I get a copy of that form?

Manager: I don't have one.

Paul: so I can cancel at any time, there is no notification period?

Manager: well, actually there is a 30 day notice required.

I then went to Boston Sports Club in Lexington MA and again first met with a trainer.

Paul: what are rates?

Trainer: talk to Jeff in memberships group.

Paul to front desk: is Jeff here?

Desk: no

Paul: can you tell me your rates?

Desk: you need to speak with Jeff.

Later that day Jeff calls me and gives me rates which are way more expensive than my friend Jon pays in Boston.

Why the sleaze?
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